Preferred partner program


What is it?

We recognize that we can't be everywhere all of the time. With that in mind, Magnolia Pump has developed a Preferred Partnership Program. Our preferred partners are spread throughout Mississippi and Louisiana and are trained to the same levels that our own employees are. In some cases they offer services that we don't such as: 

  • Pump station installation
  • Line Locating
  • Force Main Repair
  • Pump Station Maintenance

Preferred Installers

Our Preferred installers are trained on the best practices of installing your new pump or pump station. Look for our Preferred Installer logo to know that you are dealing with a factory trained company that is installing your new investment.

Preferred Repair Facilities

While we perform most all repairs in house, our Preferred Repair facilities are located in the farther reaches of our territory to make sure that when your pump is down, there is always someone nearby that can get your pump repaired and back to you ASAP! Preferred Repair centers use only factory OEM parts and tools to get you back up and running. Look for our preferred badge to know you are getting factory quality repairs.

Central Mississippi

Dorsey Pump & Lawn


North Mississippi

GreenPro LLC

Owner - Jake Clemons

Phone - 662-801-9789
 Email -

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