About Us

Our Background

For nearly 40 years, Earl Jr. has been working in the water and wastewater industry. From early beginnings with vertical turbine pumps, Earl has been a figure head in the municipal water/wastewater market. At the age of 16, Earl III was introduced to the business and has been active in all aspects of the industry for over 16 years now.

Magnolia Pump's Beginnings

Nearly 12 Years ago, Earl & Karen Voss decided that they wanted to be able to offer a higher level of service to their customers. As such, Magnolia Pump & Equipment Inc. was born. Our goal was simple, to bring the highest level of products and services to our customers without sacrificing customer service.

Our Mission

To provide economical, high quality solutions to everyday pumping needs and to use our high level of experience and commitment to detail to make your job as easy as possible.


The Beginning of our Journey

The American Dream. Take what you have and make it work. Thats exactly what we did. This 60 year old chicken house was our first shop/warehouse/production facility.


Low Pressure Sewer is in our Blood

The first order to roll out of the Magnolia barn shop was a low pressure sewer order for 40 units in the Brandon, MS area. 


We've Grown, and so has our Enthusiasm

A lot has changed in 12 years.  With over 8,000 square feet of covered warehouse and shop space, we haven't stopped improving to make sure you keep getting the best possible service from us.